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Creative Kitchen Remodel

In 2018, Thompson Construction, Inc. was contracted to convert a garage into a living space. It turned out to be an exciting project! The home, built in the 1950s, came with an attached garage. At some point in the past, the homeowners had converted the garage into a bedroom, but that bedroom was now mostly unused.

Meanwhile, the home’s kitchen was sub-par for the family’s needs. It was too small, it was outdated, and the layout was awkward. The homeowners wanted a large modern kitchen with space to spread out. They came up with an ambitious plan: to turn the unused bedroom (formerly the garage) into a spacious, state-of-the-art kitchen.

This project was unusual in many ways. In most home renovation projects, owners choose to leave the kitchen in place while integrating updates and improving the layout. While it’s quite common for us to remove a wall to create an open kitchen, entirely relocating it made the project much more complicated.

Changing the location of the kitchen involved extensive planning and a lengthy permitting process, as we needed to move and update electrical and plumbing lines. We worked with the clients to finalize their design and make sure the project met all the engineering requirements.

As always, we made every effort to establish trust with the clients. Because of the scope of the work involved, we knew we would bring in sub-contractors to assist. We always closely monitor the work of our sub-contractors, but we still made sure that the homeowners were able to meet every person who worked on their home during the project. It helped them feel that the job site was secure and the renovations were in good hands.

We worked with the clients to create a truly impressive kitchen. At approximately 400 square feet, it featured custom cabinetry, wood plank tile flooring, granite countertops, and cathedral ceilings. The result is what the clients had hoped for, and we were quite proud of our work.


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